The Benefits of Pre Roll Joints

What is Pre-rolls? Learn the benefits of a pre-rolled joint.

Marijuana flower is the most commonly understood option. This is the traditional green plant that is depicted in the media and still one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis. However, under the umbrella of cannabis flower, there are many ways to smoke, each of which has its own benefits depending on your needs.

Before you begin to consider if cannabis pre-rolls can work for you, it’s important to have a firm understanding of what they are. A pre-roll is a ready-to-go joint filled with cannabis that you can buy from a store—it’s pre-rolled for you. A standard pre-roll’s only components are cannabis, a rolling paper, and a small filter at the end that goes into your mouth. In some cases, pre-rolls contain infusions or other added cannabis products to increase the potency. Pre-rolls are simply cannabis joints that have been rolled ahead of time for you. Unlike bowls, bongs, or vapes, purchasing a pre-roll does not require any other equipment (besides a lighter, of course) or additional preparation. To smoke, a user simply lights the end like you would a cigarette and inhales deeply.

Buying Pre-Rolls

One advantage of pre-rolls is that there are several ways for you to purchase them. If you are unsure about trying pre-rolls or simply want to test them out, it is perfectly fine to purchase only one. If you know you like them and want to get a little more bang for your buck, you can buy them in packs. These options offer flexibility for you as you try a new method of smoking cannabis and present a very minimal investment while you figure out what you like. Unlike some other methods, pre-rolls are not very expensive, making them a great way to experiment with marijuana flower.

How to use a pre-roll

Most pre-rolls come with a crutch in the drawing end for structural support. Light the opposite end and inhale, as you would any joint.

If the pre-roll wasn’t rolled perfectly it may take multiple lights for it to catch, and it’s possible it may burn uneven or go out in the middle. If your pre-roll has a side that is burning faster—”running”—you can lick a finger and use your saliva to wet the paper to slow the burning and encourage a more even burn.

Effects should be felt in minutes. Extinguish the pre-roll and save the rest for later.

Types Of Pre-Rolls

As with other cannabis flower products, there are different types of pre-rolls that you can purchase. The preferred type of cannabis strain varies by customer and really depends on your desired effect.

Pre-rolls are most often strain specific. And, strains are commonly described as the following categories:


Indica strains are known for their calming and grounding qualities. These strains will likely make you sleepy or generally not want to do much. Many people remember this by the phrase, “Indica = in da couch.” These strains will usually cause less paranoia or jitteriness and can help with body pain if they have a significant percentage of CBD. Pre-rolls made with Indica cannabis are for those looking for a mellow experience or to help with insomnia or stress.


Sativa strains are more helpful when it comes to Serotonin and energy-based activities. These strains are generally known to boost creativity and motivation and help significantly with anxiety and depression. You aren’t likely to get quite as tired with these strains, so they can be a great product for symptom relief during the daytime. However, some people who are more prone to panic or paranoia may have an uncomfortable reaction to Sativa strains. Pre-rolls with Sativa can also help with pain relief and appetite, which is great for a number of medical marijuana cardholders.


Pre-rolls with a hybrid strain are somewhere in the middle of an Indica and a Sativa. Each strain of cannabis is unique, and this is especially the case when shopping for hybrid pre-rolls. Each one will be a different mixture of Indica and Sativa qualities, so you will have to do a little bit more research about how they may affect you.

All of these types of pre-rolls have their benefits; it just depends on your desired outcome. While these labels are commonly used, they are outdated. Strains have their own unique terpene profile, which provides the strain-specific effects most patients are looking for, such as help sleeping, pain relief and euphoria. And, it’s important to note that not all strains affect everyone the same way – what gives one person uplifted effects may make another drowsy.

Benefits Of Pre-Rolls

As with any cannabis ingestion method, pre-rolls have unique perks. While the advantages may not outweigh the disadvantages for some, for many people, the following pros of pre-rolls make them repeat purchasers:

You Avoid The Mess

If cannabis joints are your main mode for smoking, you know that the process to roll your own can be messy. It’s easy to get cannabis everywhere, and there is a lot of waste associated with rolling joints. When it comes to pre-rolls vs. rolling your own joint, pre-rolls are by far the cleaner option.

Besides, no matter how long you’ve been smoking weed, rolling a joint is harder than it looks!

They’re Portable

Similar to a pack of cigarettes, a single or pack of pre-rolls is easy to transport. For medical marijuana cardholders, this is especially beneficial. When you use cannabis for pain management or another medical condition, it’s important to be able to take your cannabis with you (ensuring to always follow provincial laws while consuming), so it’s around when you need it. Pre-rolls offer a great, portable way to do that.

They’re Affordable

When you are just starting your cannabis journey, the prices for high-quality marijuana equipment can be jarring. If you don’t know what you like yet, it’s not worth it to invest in an expensive bong or high-end vape pen or dab rig when you don’t know if it’s going to work for you. Pre-rolls are much more affordable and oftentimes you can purchase them in singles, which is perfect for sampling a new strain without buying a more expensive jar of flower.

They’re High Quality

Rolling your own joints can be fun, but it’s easy to mess them up. Many people roll their joints too loose, too tight, with too much or too little cannabis, all of which can lead to wasted product. By buying pre-rolls, you can be sure that your joint is perfectly rolled by a professional, and you are getting the maximum return for your investment.

So Are Pre-Rolled Joints Worth It?

Don’t let the potential disadvantages scare you off of trying pre-rolls for yourself. Overall, pre-rolls are a viable option for many people, and lots of cannabis users prefer them to other methods. However, whether they are “worth it” or not is ultimately up to the individual. For those who use cannabis frequently, there might be more economical options that are worth trying. For those who use other methods such as edibles or tinctures and are looking for something to smoke occasionally, pre-rolls may be the right fit. A qualified patient care representative will not only be able to tell you what strains will work best for your needs, but they will also be able to help you find an ingestion method that works for you.

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